About Us

This company has been established in 2014 with its Real-estate Developers Mr.Tarek Dannaoui and Mr.Mohamad el Jamal. An Australian and an American Business men who came back to their hometown with a dream to make it one of the most exquisite and fascinating area; They tried to invent a company that creates a new architectural era in the region of North Lebanon, and specially their beloved Tripoli. The company’s main goal is to give it’s clients a luxurious home that they would prefer to stay in than go out. The company’s ethics are built on the understanding of the clients needs, and wishes, and executing them. When building a neighborhood they always focus on the quality of their clients and not the quantity… Our utmost focus is perfecting the stages one by one to give the client the high end finishing they only dream of.



Real-estate Developer


Real-estate Developer